Motorcycle Training

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Motorcycle Training - Beginning Or Experienced

Motorcycle Training | Motorcycle Safety of Florida - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Motorcycle Safety of Florida in Fort Lauderdale offers motorcycle training for beginners and experienced riders.

Our basic rider courses are for new riders with little or no experience, riders who have failed the test, or experienced riders who have never had formal motorcycle training and want to update their skills.

Our courses focus on the following issues:

Self-Assessment - Special attention is given to rider behavior, riding strategies and overall skill development.

Riding Skills - Lessons are imparted on braking, cornering and swerving.

Weather - We review different riding strategies for changing weather conditions.

The classroom sessions are long, so we ask that you bring snacks and water. Breaks will be provided throughout the sessions. For the riding portion of the course at the range, you must wear long pants, over-ankle footwear, a long sleeve shirt and full-fingered gloves. We provide the helmet and the motorcycle.

Our more advanced courses are meant to enhance the overall control, cornering and emergency maneuvering skills of riders of any type of motorcycles. They are not in any way intended to encourage or endorse riding at high speeds, and students who show that they may be unsafe to themselves and others will be asked to discontinue the course.

The courses will include risk management, decision making, and rider behavior and choices. The classes will be supported by presentations, forms, handouts and student participation in discussion of potential scenarios.

Motorcycle Safety of Florida is the first – the original – the best. Our business has reasonable prices that never change. To enroll in the best motorcycle training course depending on your experience, give us a call in Fort Lauderdale today!