Motorcycle Safety

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Motorcycle Safety - Our Primary Concern

Motorcycle Safety | Motorcycle Safety of Florida - Fort Lauderdale, FL

At Motorcycle Safety of Florida in Fort Lauderdale, we are leading experts in imparting students with the rules of motorcycle safety. Our goal is to have you enjoy your motorcycle riding while using learned skills to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Our motorcycle safety lessons include:

Awareness - Risk awareness, risk acceptance and risk management

Preparing to Ride - Personal protective gear, motorcycle inspection, maintenance, range safety rules, rider coach signals

Strategies - Positioning, being visible, common riding situations, maximum breaking and swerving, special situations, impairments

Avoiding Hazards - Swerving and quick braking to avoid collisions.

Skill Test - Do a U-turn, swerve, quick stop and corner – to show ability to avoid obstacles and negotiate a curve.

At Motorcycle Safety of Florida, motorcycle safety is a primary concern. Your courses at the range will be held, rain or shine, precisely because motorcycle safety includes learning to ride in inclement weather.

Our experienced and certified instructors will teach you motorcycle safety techniques, from starting and stopping drills, to adjusting speed and turning (counter-steering), how to stop quickly, how to negotiate curves and courtesy rules of the road to be observed at all times.

Motorcycle Safety of Florida is the first – the original – the best! We have countless graduates from our motorcycle safety courses that attest to the effectiveness of our courses. Our business has reasonable prices that never change.

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