Motorcycle Endorsement

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Motorcycle Endorsement - Knowledge & Skill

Motorcycle Endorsement | Motorcycle Safety of Florida - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Motorcycle Safety of Florida in Fort Lauderdale prepares you to earn your motorcycle endorsement.

Safe riding demands knowledge and skill. To earn your motorcycle endorsement, you must pass a knowledge test and a riding skills test.

You will be tested for your ability to:

• Keep yourself and your motorcycle in safe condition
• Help others see you and teach you how to see and communicate with them
• Stop and turn quickly to handle problems while riding
• Accelerate, brake and turn efficiently
• Adjust speed and position to changes in traffic and weather conditions
• Avoid stalling – you will be scored on this
• Weave through a series of cones
• Make a right turn from a STOP
• Make a left U-turn
• Make a quick stop
• Swerve to avoid an obstacle

Prior to taking the test, at Motorcycle Safety of Florida, we will prepare you to earn your motorcycle endorsement with flying colors!

We will teach you:

• How to use the clutch friction zone for control
• How to shift gears and stop smoothly
• How to start out and stop with precision and control by learning clutch/throttle coordination
• How to combine throttle, clutch and brake use for a variety of maneuvers
• How to master smooth, precise cornering
• How to develop quick stop proficiency
• How to easily negotiate curves
• How to maintain control while stopping in a curve
• How to cross obstacles and change lanes

At Motorcycle Safety of Florida, we have a variety of courses for novices and experienced drivers. We offer weekday and weekend courses, and our instructors are certified and experienced. You will only have the best!

Motorcycle Safety of Florida provides the motorcycle and the helmet. You are responsible for bringing adequate protective gear, and a pen and highlighter for your classroom sessions. Also, bring water and snacks because the classes are long, although some breaks are provided.

To prepare for your motorcycle endorsement testing, contact Motorcycle Safety of Florida in Fort Lauderdale today. We are the first – the original – the best motorcycle training school in Florida!